Keyboard F Button Functions - All Keyboard Shortcuts in computer

 In today's world, everyone uses more or less computer or laptop. However, there are some keyboard shortcuts on computers or laptops. In today's post we will learn about the functions of the F key on the keyboard. As a result, you can work on shortcuts by knowing the functions of the F button on the computer or laptop.

Keyboard F Button Functions - All Keyboard Shortcuts in computer
In today's article we will discuss about keyboard shortcuts in addition to button functions. So read the full post to know.


More or less all of us use computers or laptops. However, many of us use keyboard shortcuts to speed up tasks on the computer. Many people do not know what these shortcuts are. You can do any command quickly by using these shortcuts of computer or laptop. You will no longer need to search for settings to do any work. So you should know some computer keyboard shortcuts.

Functions of the F key on the keyboard

You can now know about the functions of the F key on the keyboard. let us know the functions of the F key on the keyboard.
  • F1 This keyboard shortcut opens the Help Screen for almost all programs.
  • F2 This keyboard shortcut can be used to rename selected files or folders.
  • F3 Using this keyboard shortcut will bring up the search option of any visited website.
  • F4 Using this keyboard shortcut Alt + F4 can be used to shutdown Windows including closing the active window.
  • F5 This keyboard shortcut can be used to refresh/reload a page or window document.
  • F6 Using this keyboard shortcut, the mouse cursor will move to the Internet browser's address bar.
  • F7 It is used to check spell and grammar of word file.
  • F8 This button is used to access the Windows boot menu.
  • F9 is used for document refresh and sending and receiving mail in Microsoft Outlook.
  • F10 You can use this keyboard shortcut by pressing shift+F10 instead of right mouse click.
  • F11 The F11 button works in and out of fullscreen mode in any browser.
  • F12 can save the document as in Microsoft Word.

Computer keyboard shortcuts

You will now know about computer keyboard shortcuts.
  • Ctrl+D is used to add bookmarks to websites.
  •    Ctrl+J is used to display the downloaded file in the browser.
  •    Ctrl+N opens a new table in the browser.
  •    Ctrl+P is used to print any web page.
  •    Ctrl+T opens a new tab.
  •    Ctrl+W is used to close open tabs.
  •    Press F5 to reload the page.
  •   Ctrl+Shift+B displays the websites you have added to your favorites list. use
  •    Ctrl+Tab to quickly switch between open tabs.
  •    Ctrl+Shift+T returns to a closed tab.
  •    Ctrl+Shift+Del is used to clear browsing history.
  •    Use Alt+Left Arrow to return.
  •    Ctrl+Right Arrow to move forward.
  •    ESC is used to stop loading after the page is loaded.
  •    Win+D is used to show/hide open programs in Windows.
  •    Win+E opens File Explorer.
  •    Win+R is used to open Run program.
  •    Win+M is used to minimize all types of files.
  •    Win+Tab opens the task view
  •    Win+Up arrow key is used to maximize an open file. The
  •    The Win+Pause key opens the System Properties dialog box.
  •    Alt+Tab is used to select open programs.
  •    Ctrl+Shift+Esc opens the Task Manager.
  •    Ctrl+Esc opens the Start menu.
  •    Alt+F4 is used to close a running program.

Conclusion: all keyboard shortcuts

Hope you got the idea about all the keyboard shortcuts. Besides, he learned more about the functions of the F button on the keyboard and learned about the shortcuts on the computer keyboard. If you have benefited from reading the article then share the post with your friends.

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