Things to know before buying an old laptop

Nowadays, in the era of internet, laptop or computer has become a daily necessity for us. Laptop is used for studying, many people do different types of freelancing with laptop, or in various offices, courts or homes, laptops are needed for useful work. Also, computers, PCs are everywhere. A laptop is a very necessary device as it cannot be carried away.
Things to know before buying an old laptop
But many of us cannot buy a new laptop because the price of the laptop is very high. So we buy an old laptop, but there is a lot of fear in buying it; if you buy the laptop and know that it is a scam, then the whole money will be lost. So today I will discuss in detail what you need to pay attention to before buying your laptop.

Things to know before buying an old laptop

The important thing before buying a laptop is: What kind of laptop is suitable for you, that is, if you buy a laptop, will it be successful in the purpose for which you are buying a laptop. Before buying an old laptop, no matter what reason you buy a laptop, it must be a business series laptop.

Now the question may come business laptop? Business laptops are laptops used in various offices and courts outside the country. They are sold after a few months of use. Those controversial laptops start from 70 thousand to 1 lakh 150000.

So old laptop you must buy business series laptops. Which will be a very good configuration laptop for any of your work. You can buy business laptops from different brands, such as hp's Elite Book, dell's Latitude, Lenovo's Thinkpad etc. All these business You can never go wrong buying a series laptop.

Things to do before buying a used laptop

Check the date of manufacture of the laptop that you buy. Because if your laptop is very old, the performance will definitely decrease. So before buying the first laptop, check the main test date of the laptop and the model of the laptop. To see the laptop manufacture date, you must check the bios. Click on System Information in Settings.

By doing this, you can easily know that your computer has been copied. In addition, to know the model of the computer, if you press the windows + R button on the keyboard, run, in fact, write dxdiag and press enter, you will see the model of your laptop.

Before buying an old laptop, you need to check the generation of the laptop you are buying. Because the more updated the generation, the better your laptop will be. What is the generation of your laptop, you need to check whether your laptop is duel core or corei3, corei5, to check this, right click on this pc icon on your desktop and click properties.

Remember corei5 i.e. the number given after i is your generation. For example, if it is in 2000 then it is dual core processor, if it is 3000 then core i3, if it is above five thousand then corei5 etc.

You need to check whether the keyboard of the laptop you are buying is OK, or whether each of the keyboard works properly. Because many keys on the keyboard become shortcuts, that is, they are damaged, they do not work.check whether the keys on the keyboard work properly. .

Another thing is that if the health condition of the SSD and HDD of the laptop is good, you can check it through various online software. Try to make sure that their health condition is 100%.

Another important thing is the sound and speakers of the laptop. In many cases, the sound of the first laptop is not understood correctly, because the laptop has two speakers on both sides, if one speaker is playing, it will seem that both are playing. You will not understand whether the speaker of your laptop is actually working.

That's why you need to go to the speaker option on the right side of the window and check the microphone and speaker. Also, to test well, you can make a recording or play a song to test if your speaker is not listening to the speaker.

First you can open the laptop to see if the laptop battery is good. You can see if the laptop is swollen. If the battery is not swollen, then the battery is considered good. However, many times the battery health is not understood. Therefore, there are various softwares online to check the battery health. You can check the battery of your laptop through them.

To see if the camera of the laptop is working properly. In this case, if you are using Windows 10, go directly to the search option and enter the camera, the camera will open.And if you are using Windows, in that case, if you go online directly and search by writing camera test, your camera will open and you will understand whether you are right or not.

you will see how the laptop heats up. To know this, you can play a high resolution video for a long time. And see if your laptop is overheating. Also, you can check how the heat of the laptop is by using various online heating check software. If it is more than 50 percent, then you will know that there is a problem with your laptop.

The laptop display often shows small spots or fungus, even if it is very small to see, there is no way to understand. So to see if your laptop display is okay, if you go online and search by typing display checker, different types of color images will come up. Through which you can understand clearly if there is any kind of stain spot on your laptop screen.

Also, if you want to check the resolution of the laptop before you buy the first laptop, then you can check the resolution of your laptop by going to the settings and clicking on the display settings option. It can be HD, Full HD 2K or 4k.

Many people don't provide the original charger when buying a used laptop, in which case you ask them to sell you the one with the original charger.

When you charge your laptop without the original charger, the entire laptop will be current. That means your laptop's motherboard may burn at any time. So try to get the original charger.

The cable ports around the laptop are for connecting keyboard, mouse etc. Make sure to check if those ports are good, and patiently check if they are working, then buy your first laptop.

If the laptop has a fingerprint, if it works and if the bluetooth device is connecting, how the wifi range is getting or if the wifi star is running on your laptop, everything you should check before buying.

Where to find old laptops

It is available in various shopping mall markets. For example Motaleb Plaza, Shah Ali Plaza, Bashundhara City Complex, etc. in Dhaka. But one thing must not be said is that when buying a used laptop, you must buy it from a showroom or a store that sells it. will buyBecause if there is a problem with the laptop, you can ask them directly or exchange the laptop. And if you have taken it to a person, there may be a little trouble.

How much does a good laptop cost?

The price of a good laptop is above 70000. Because it depends on what you will use it for; how good a laptop you are actually going to buy or how good a laptop you need.If you have bought a laptop for any work, you must buy a laptop with a budget above 60 to 70 thousand. May it be useful for all your work.


You may have read the post to know what are the points to be noticed before buying an old laptop. It is always better to check before buying any old thing.So check everything before buying old laptop.

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